Who am I, and why don't I seem to know what I'm talking about?

In case it wasn't immediately apparent from whatever article on here that you were just reading, I'm no cocktail expert.

What I am is someone who has been working as a Film and TV editor and journalist for the past 10 years, working and writing for Virgin Media, Sky, Total Film, MTV and a few other places. Then I started trying to make interesting drinks at home and decided that the internet MUST know my opinions about those too.

I know I still have much to learn about the world of spirits and mixology. But, as a home-bartending newbie, the learning resources available seemed to go from "Here's how you make a Cosmopolitan" to "Just make a Panna Cotta Infused Aged Rum already, because this Pineapple and Thyme Shrub isn't going anywhere until you do". Once you know the basics, the next step can be daunting.

So I'm trying to bridge the gap, feeling my way around the drinks industry to provide accessible views, opinions and recipes that hopefully many will find useful.

Or not. Either way, feel free to get in touch. Whether it's to tell me something I should know, send me something I should try or explain to me why my personal preference about something is wrong, you can contact me at cocktailchap@gmail.com.

It's at this point that I need to come up with a cocktail-related sign-off that can become my catchphrase. Something like "Shake you later!". I'll work on it.

Matt Looker - Cocktail Chap