Your new sweet nightcap: M&S Jaffa Cake Cocktail

I've been busy recently. Christmas is coming up and this season of glad tidings and good cheer brings with it a hectic nightmare of work and home stress. Merry festivities, everyone.

It was really lucky then that Marks And Spencer sent me a bottle of one of their new pre-mixed cocktail range. This is a Jaffa Cake cocktail made with rum that you can just shake and pour over ice - no prep required.

And it is delicious. This may shock a few of you, but it tastes exactly like Jaffa cakes, all orangey and chocolates. It’s a bomb of smooth sweetness that has been a really fun substitute instead of the usual Baileys or Amaretto nightcap that gets poured in my house.

So there you go. Yes, I suppose this is technically an #ad because they sent me the bottle, but I really do like it so I don’t know where that leaves you? Maybe just check it out in M&S stores if you can.

Meanwhile, I think I might have just enough left to actually make a cocktail with it this week. If I can find the time.

Tags: Chocolate Liqueur, Liqueur, Marks And Spencer

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