Some more Dry January mocktails for you

We are now halfway through Dry January and scientists are baffled as to why these past two weeks have seen time slow down to a fraction of its usual pace. We are all now technically several months older than we should be, the Earth’s rotation is currently at a standstill and I have had a beard every day despite shaving every morning. February is approximately a thousand days away.

So all we can do is amuse ourselves in the meantime with more fresh, healthy and sobering creations in the world of mocktails. After last week’s sugar-free, alcohol-free Seedlip drinks, here are a few more mocktails I came up with. Please enjoy while you count all of the really loooong seconds it will take until time corrects itself again on 1st Feb.

Blueberry Bird

8-10 Blueberries
25ml Lemon Juice
20ml Vanilla Syrup
Soda Water

Method: Muddle the Blueberries in the syrup in the bottom of the glass, then add the lemon juice and ice. Top up with the soda and stir, adding more blueberries and lemon peel for garnish.
I am such a sucker for two-time gradient drinks. I wouldn’t even stir this if it didn’t taste so much better when all mixed together.

R, H, G & T

Leaves from one sprig of Rosemary
1oz Pink Grapefruit Juice
1/2oz Honey Syrup
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Method: Muddle the rosemary leaves with the syrup in the bottom of the shaker. Add the Pink Grapefruit Juice and shake with ice. Strain over more ice, top up with the tonic and garnish with grapefruit peel and more rosemary.
There’s clearly no replacing the gin in a gin and tonic, but tonic itself makes for such an interesting mixer that rarely gets used in anything else. And with a huge range of different kinds of flavoured tonics, it opens up a whole arena of different possibilities. With this, I happened to have a spare bottle of Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic Water so built up a drink based on more Mediterranean flavours.

Ginger Jay

8 Mint Leaves
1oz Pineapple Juice
0.5oz Mango And Cardamom Syrup
Ginger Beer

Method: Muddle the mint in the syrup. Add the pineapple juice and shake with ice. Strain over crushed ice and top up with ginger beer.
To make the syrup, dissolve 100g of caster sugar in 200ml mango juice over a gentle heat. Add 3 crushed cardamom pods, bring to the boil and then take off the heat and leave to infuse as it cools. 20 minutes should do it. Then fine strain. One of these days I should do a syrups post.
Oh god, the few minutes it took you to read all of that took foooorever. Still at least my average dwell times are up. Thanks!

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