Please help me achieve my dream of drinking this new Tinker Violet Gin

Here's two things that you may not know about me: 1) I have a baby daughter named Violet who is, at time of writing, just three months old, and 2) I will literally jump on any reason to claim that a bottle of alcohol is a 'must-have' for my collection.

So here is a newly proposed product from Tinker: a VIOLET gin. It's clearly the gin that my family needs right now.

But it's not available yet, and indeed it may never be available unless you - yes, YOU, the person about to click away from this page because you can sense that I'm about to guilt trip you into spending some money - creak open that flea-bitten wallet/purse of yours and help Tinker reach their target over on their Crowdfunder page.

It's not for nothing, of course. There's a bunch of rewards available, but really the important thing is that you can pledge just £30, and that will get you a bottle from the very first batch of this sweet violet gin sent straight to your door. And you would want to buy it for that price anyway, right? Of course you would. IT'S SO PRETTY. So really what's stopping you, besides, possibly, my increasingly aggressive tone?

Here's a man with an impressive beard and neck tattoo combo staring at and sniffing the new gin and basically making you wish you were him right now:

If only so that I too can own a massive, impractical clock.

I should probably add that it is my firm belief that Tinker is quite simply one of the best gins out there. I mean, I haven't tried them all, but I have tried enough to know that Tinker is properly, double-takingly brilliant.

It was launched just last year by husband and wife team, Jym and Marie Harris, who had already established the hugely successful Not content with just that venture, they took all of their industry know-how and created one of the best gins on the market like one of those annoyingly over-achieving couples that you can't help but love even though they make you feel like you should have done more with your life than just watch TV and, well, drink gin.

I should also probably add that I don't work for Tinker, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I just really want this product and I want them to achieve this goal to make my/their dream a reality.

Here's that man with an impressive beard and neck tattoo combo again talking about the best way to serve Tinker:

As I write this, Tinker have raised nearly 50% of their target and we're halfway to the deadline, which means that they are only nearly going to get the funds they need. And that's not good enough.

I want this to be one of those safe bets in crowdfunding, like when those guys asked for money to kickstart production of a sandwich press that imprinted an image of Christ onto your bread and called it The Grilled Cheesus. That was just a no-brainer. Instant bank-roller. I want this to be like that.

And, look, I am so excited about the prospect of trying this Violet Gin by Tinker, that I'm already making poor substitutes for it. Here's G&T I made at the weekend with 1/2 shot of violet liqueur thrown in to the mix of 2oz Tinker Gin and 4oz Luscombe Light Tonic:

Please pledge at Tinker's Crowdfunding page and make this new product happen so that I can make this Violet G&T properly next time.

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