Oh Tinker Gin, we hardly knew ye...

Some of you may know that, sadly, Gin Festival announced last week that it was entering into administration. It’s a great loss of a great organisation, who helped me and no doubt thousands of others get to grips with the many varieties and brands of gin, and a great way to showcase little-known quality craft gins in what is still an increasingly saturated market.

That said, there’s been a huge blow up about the news, with a lot of understandable anger at the thousands of sold tickets for future events that can now no longer be claimed and with no refund in sight.

Forgetting the heated noise about this aspect for a moment, there’s another sad outcome of this announcement. While there has been no official confirmation, as an off-shoot of Gin Festival, it looks like we’re also losing @tinkergin in the process.

You may have seen me mention Tinker Gin on here on several occasions as I pretty much tell anyone who’ll listen that it’s easily one of the greatest gins I have ever tasted, and I don’t know a single person familiar with the product who wouldn’t agree with me.

You may have even seen me rave on and on about Tinker’s just released Violet edition, released through a Crowdfunder project and distributed to pledgers just two weeks ago.

So, if it is indeed the case that Tinker is gone for good, it’s a sad time and I’m commiserating the best way I know how. With a special violet-flavoured riff on the classic James Bond-originated Vesper Martini, mixing the Violet Tinker Gin with Lavender-infused Vodka for a wholly floral tribute. After all, flowers seem appropriate.

Here’s a Violet Vesper.

60ml Violet Tinker Gin
20ml Lavender-infused Vodka
10ml Lillet Blanc

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and fine-strain into a martini glass. Garnish with some lavender you stole from a neighbour’s bush.
So here's to TInker Gin. Imagine me pouring one out for you (although not really, because I now have to save every last drop).

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