Movie cocktails: Star Wars drinks from a homebar not very far, far away

Rejoice! There’s a new Star Wars coming! The Jedi are on their way again! We're going back to a galaxy far, far away, possibly for the last time ever! Let's drink cocktails, eh?

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is released this month, and it’s bringing with it the final answers to Rey's heritage, the end of the entire nine-film Skywalker saga and an excuse for me to compile a few Star Wars themed cocktails.

And there’s not a single blue milk drink among them.

Perfect Princess

2oz Gin
0.75oz Blue Curaçao
0.75oz Lemon Juice
0.25oz Wild Blueberry Liqueur
Egg White

Method: Shake the first four ingredients with ice, then strain out the ice, add the egg white and shake again. Strain into a coupe glass add a ‘blueberry bun’ garnish and then stand it in front of some original 80s figures.
It’s a Jedi-blue riff on a White Lady dedicated to that galactic princess who truly belongs among the clouds. Why yes, I did start with the garnish idea and work my way backwards. What of it?

Either way, I upped the gin a little from the original recipe to 2oz, because, well, she's got a lot of spirit. I don't know, whaddya think? You think a princess and a guy like me...? Ok, I'll stop with the quotes now.

Force Choke

2oz Cynar
3/4oz The One Whisky
1/2oz Lime Juice
1/4oz Ardbeg 10-year
1 pinch of Salt

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a small tumbler over more ice. Garnish with Vaders, sabers and lime.
Here's a drink dedicated to that Dark Side dynamo Darth Vader, incorporating some prophecy referencing The One whisky and a little smoke from Ardbeg because that’s how the Lord likes to make his entrance.

And, of course, the whole drink is built around the artichoke amaro that is Cynar, which gives the cocktail its name.

Blood and Sandtrooper

1oz Darkness Scotch Whiskey
3/4oz Cherry Heering Liqueur
3/4oz Sweet Vermouth
1oz Orange Juice
1/6oz Ardbeg Whisky

Method: Shake all ingredients hard with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a orange-wheel-and-maraschino-cherry TIE fighter.
Here’s a cocktail for those misfiring minions of the Galactic Empire, the stormtroopers (and variations thereof). It’s actually a simple, classic Blood and Sand, using the Diffords recipe, but made with Darkness scotch whisky, because how’s that for a tenuous link? Also, I gave it a TIE Fighter shaped garnish. What do you mean, you didn’t get that from the pic?


2oz Appleton Signature Blend Rum
1/2oz Lime Juice
1/2oz Pineapple Juice
1/2oz Basil Syrup
1 dash Spiced Apple Bitters

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with basil and whatever Yoda-shaped paraphernalia you can find (this is a USB stick).
This is a daiquiri riff (yes, I came up with the name first - are you sending a pattern with my creative process?) made with some tropical flavours, in homage to the small, green Jedi who refuses to be judged by his size.

Also, apologies, but this backdrop is the closest I could get to the swampy banks of Dagobah.

Rey's Stakes

2oz Illusionist Gin
1/2oz Lemon Juice
1/2oz Raspberry Syrup
2 dashes Hibiscus Bitters
Elderflower Tonic

Method: Shake the Lemon Juice, syrup and bitters with ice and strain over more ice in a low tumbler. Then top up with the tonic and float the gin.
Here’s one inspired solely by The Rise Of Skywalker and a Jedi’s inner conflict between the light and the dark side of the force - here represented in handy colour-coded form with the red and blue flashes of lightsaber battling it out in the drink.
There we go, five drinks probably not coming soon to a cantina near you, but this was fun all the same.

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