Grand Marnier: How to make the Grand 75 cocktail

Grand Marnier sent me an outrageous gift box recently, which contained, not only all the ingredients to make their suggested serve, the Grand 75 cocktail, but also some spectacular-looking Grand Marnier branded equipment to use for the job.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this for any reason other than to show off. This is 100% a brag. I mean look:

What was even more exciting for me - other than receiving loads of free swag, did I mention that? - is that I haven't really tried Grand Marnier before and it had been at the top of my 'I really need to get some because it's in loads of recipes I want to make' list for ages.

The gift box itself came with a leaflet containing facts about the history and basis of the product, including lots of French names and dates, which I'm sure you can find on Wikipedia.

I was, however, interested to read about the ingredients, including the fact that the "Cognacs used in Grand Marnier are sourced from the famous region in France" and "The finest grapes are sourced, with the crus carefully selected helping to give the liquid its unique flavour. Also this tidbit:

The aromatic Citrus Bigardia is the only variety of orange used to make Grand Marnier. They are carefully handpicked while still green and the orange peels are then dried in the sun.
Anyway, it all makes for a fascinatingly complex taste that elevates any drink. Particularly the Grand 75, the suggested serve, which is a wonderfully sophisticated drink. Here's how you make it:

Add 30ml of Grand Marnier to a shaker half-full of ice

Add 15ml of lemon juice (about half a lemon)


Strain into a coupe glass

Top with champagne

Add an orange peel garnish... and that's it

You can check out some other Grand Marnier cocktails over at their website, although I think you'll find that they haven't done a step-by-step picture guide like I have, so whose page is really better, eh?

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