Getting the measure of... Pampelle Ruby L'Apero

From the rich red colour, to the super-stylish nouveau-retro label, to the fact that, when it came to describing what it is, apéritif’ was apparently thrown out for not being classy enough, Pampelle Ruby L’Apero is one sexy liqueur.

Red grapefruit is the key ingredient and flavour here, in a product that is otherwise comparable to Aperol. With other ingredients like yuzu from Japan and bitter orange bigarade from Haiti, this aperitif is made from the infusion of citrus peels, natural botanicals and Eau de Vie, but that ruby red grapefruit - from Corsica, no less, just to hammer home the sun-soaked sexiness of it all - is what it’s all about.

Overall, it’s a sweeter cousin to the bitter liqueurs we already know and love, with a fruit kick and bright orange flavours to start, and a dry bitter finish. All of which makes it a friendlier alternative to the likes of Aperol and Campari for more accessible Negronis and Spritzes...

...and other drinks, of course. Here are a few cocktails I came up with using Pampelle.

Lemon Gin And Pampelle Spritz

2oz Malfy Limone Gin
1oz Pampelle Ruby L'Apero
1/2oz Red Grapefruit Juice
1/2oz Cinnamon Syrup

Method: Shake the first four ingredients with ice and strain over more ice. Top with Prosecco and garnish with grapefruit.
Pampelle’s suggested serve is a Pampelle Spritz, which is understandable given the popularity of Aperol Spritz and how this version is even more refreshing. The Pampelle Spritz is 2 parts Pampelle, 3 parts Prosecco, 1 part Soda Water, but I like a little more complexity in my drinks, so I upped the ante with extra citrus flavours and a hint of spice.

Pampelle Dog

2oz Pampelle Ruby L'Apero
2oz Pineapple Juice
Brewdog Dead Pony Club Session Pale Ale

Method: Shake the first two ingredients with ice and strain into a tall glass. Top with the pale ale.
I don’t make beer cocktails often, but I’ve recently developed a taste for craft beer and this release from Brewdog in particular. It has a fun, faintly tropical flavour that I really wanted to boost in a drink and adding Pampelle is a perfect way to do that.

Pampelle Plane

1oz Bourbon
1oz Pampelle Ruby L'Apero
1oz Amaro Montenegro
1oz Red Grapefruit Juice

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with expressed lemon peel.
Testing the Pampelle/Aperol relationship, I just had to create a riff on the Paper Plane, swapping those two aperitifs and also substituting in red grapefruit juice for the lemon juice. The result was a much sweeter, but delicious citrus drink, with the Pampelle working rather brilliantly with the bourbon. Which makes me want to try it in other bourbon drinks...
It’s also worth mentioning that you can read Pampelle’s own philosophy over on its website, and it is absolutely something I can get on board with. “Stand out, blend in. Be avant-garde, be camouflage“, for example. Suuuure, I can do that. “Live for today, sleep til tomorrow”? Yep, especially that last part. “An aperitif made for you, only you, but also everyone else”? STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND.

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