Getting the measure of... Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum

It's not easy to describe Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum - Luscious Rumbustion, mainly because there aren't many words left in the English language after you say its full name like that.

Luckily, I have a press release to hand, which gives all the details behind the flavours, the infusion process and, more importantly, a history of the 16th Century smuggling adventures in Cornwall that inspired the Jamaica Cove brand.

In short, coves around Falmouth became a favourite smuggler’s haunt where they used a particularly sneaky technique to lure ships to the rocks with lights and then looted the resulting wrecked cargo. As many of the ships had set off from Jamaica, the loot often consisted of barrels of rums and botanicals, creating a culture of rum drinking in South West England and beyond. Good trivia, non?

With this newly launched premium rum, a blend of Jamaican Pot and Column Stills is infused with ginger to give a bold flavour profile, with subtle hints of lemongrass and citrus. The ginger infusion in such an aged Jamaican rum offers greater depths of flavour for classic long drinks, such as the Classic Jamaica Mule (see below). Not to mention a couple of other drinks that I have created around the drink (see below even more).

Jamaican Ginger Mule

2oz Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum
Ginger Beer
Lime Wedges

Method: Pour the Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum into an ice-filled high ball glass or a copper mug. Top with ginger beer and garnish with lime wedges.
This is the suggested serve, a refreshing long drink that has extra spice from the rum infusion to make for a more satisfyingly complex sip.

Cable Cove

2oz Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum
1oz Cointreau
1/2oz Lime Juice
1/4oz Lemon and Lime Sherbert Syrup
Egg white

Method: Shake the first four ingredients with ice and then strain out the ice, add the egg white and shake again. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a lime wedge.
Given this uniquely spiced rum, I wanted to use it to create a new riff on a rum classic and chose the Cable Car. Off-setting the spice notes is a homemade sherbert syrup that really brightens the whole drink.

Rumbustion Engine

1.5oz Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum
1oz Aperol
1oz Punt E Mes
Ardbeg rinse

Method: Rinse a coupe glass with a dash of Ardbeg and leave to stand. Stir the remaining ingredients with ice and strain into the glass. Express lime peel and garnish.
Lastly, I wanted to make something that was a more mature craft cocktail, which I don't see very often for this kind of rum, as it is so often used in more accessible long drinks. So here's what I came up with, a rum focus with bitter and vermouth and a smokey feel to really enhance those spicy notes.
To find out more about Jamaica Cove rum, to read all about the Legend of Jamaica Cove and to hear some truly dramatic music, you can visit Jamaica Cove website.

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