Dry January: Here, have some sugar-free, alcohol-free Seedlip Mocktails

It's January. I have spent the last four weeks drinking every kind of alcoholic substance sold at your local off licence. Even the weird stuff. I have also eaten every cake, turkey leg and paper hat that has ever existed in the known universe. Christmas is over, because, one way or the other, I consumed it.

So January then! Time for cleanliness and healthiness and remembering that the reason you stopped going to the gym on your lunch break is because you didn't want to deal with changing room awkwardness with potential work colleagues. I can help with the first two of these things.

Whether you're committing to Dry January, Dry First Two Weeks Of January or just Dry New Year's Day, mocktails can provide all the mixology fun you need while still giving your liver the chance to actually deal with its hangover.

For my mocktails though, I am going a step further and aiming for sugar-free too. That means no syrups and carefully considered mixers.

Most importantly though, I have two bottles of Seedlip leftover from when my wife was pregnant and neither of us was ever able to really get on with it. I tried making Seedlip cocktails for her, but nothing really worked.

So here's the challenge: Use up the last of my Seedlip in cocktails that actually taste great, and do so while balancing the flavours of the drink using only natural sugars from fruit mixers that I already had available in the house.

Here's what I came up with.

Drawn Straw

8-10 Mint Leaves
3 Strawberries, quartered
2oz Seedlip Spice 94
1/2oz Lime Juice
Soda Water

Method: Muddle the mint and strawberries, then add the Seedlip and Lime and shake with ice. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top up with the soda. Garnish with another strawberry and more mint.
First up, I'll be completely honest. This was really supposed to be a strawberry and basil drink, but my homegrown basil didn't survive Christmas, so I had to swap it out for mint. It's a simple refreshing drink though and the mint adds extra refreshment.

Raspberry Clear

8 Raspberries
1 peach, quartered
2oz Seedlip Spice 94
1oz Lime Juice
Soda Water

Method: Muddle the raspberries and peach and then add the Seedlip and lime and shake with ice. Strain over more ice and garnish with more raspberries.
In hindsight, this is actually very similar to the recipe above, but with different fruit, and - thankfully - I served it in a different glass, which makes all the difference.

The Reinhold

8 Mint Leaves
1 inch chunk of cucumber, diced
2oz Seedlip Spice 94
3/4oz Lime Juice
3 dashes Celery Bitters
Soda Water

Method: Muddle the cucumber and mint and then add the Seedlip, lime and bitters. Shake with ice and strain over more ice. Top with soda and garnish with mint.
I have nothing to add other than that I named this The Reinhold, because if I'm going to be as sober as a judge, I want that judge to be Judge Reinhold.
There you go. Challenge accepted and... done? I still have one bottle of Seedlip to go, so there may be more coming. Mind you, Very Much Wet LAST Two Weeks Of January is calling me now.

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