Boë Gin Challenge 2019: Passion Fruit Gin and Violet Gin

Here's a throwback to something I did for World Gin Day earlier this year. Boë sent me a bottle each of their Violet Gin and Passion fruit Gin along with the challenge to create a cocktail with either product to help commemorate the day. I decided to challenge myself a little bit further.

I wanted to come up with a recipe in which either flavoured gin would work, but with the flavour of the gin transforming the overall drink. So the rest of the ingredients stay the same - they enhance the flavour of the base spirit.

I came up with the below recipe, and found this worked great with both products. In both instances, the overriding flavour come from Boë’s gin, but there are still hints of elderflower and chocolate in both too, with the Orgeat providing a little nutty complexity.

I decided that the Passion fruit cocktail was so fruitful and flavoursome that it was almost aggressively delicious, while the Violet cocktail made for a softer, obviously floral follow-up. So - for any Westworld fans out there - I named the Passion Gin drink a ‘Violent Delights’ and the Violet Gin drink a ‘Violet Ends’.

Violent Delights and Violet Ends

1 3/4oz Boë Passion/Violet Gin
3/4oz Lemon Juice
1/2oz Elderflower Liqueur
1/2oz White Creme De Cacao
1/4oz Orgeat Syrup
Egg white

Method: Shake all ingredients, first without ice and then again with ice. Strain into a coupe and garnish with flowers.

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