9 reasons why you need to own Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla

If you read my blog post the other week about the press release for Tanqueray's brand new Flor De Sevilla Gin and why it reads like a Mediterranean cruise for your eyes, you may have thought "yeah, sure, but what does it actually taste like?"

And when I briefly mentioned the same brand new gin in my round up of the most recent Cocktails In The City London event, you may have thought "yeah, sure, but, again, what does it actually TASTE like? Seriously. I'm not here for the pictures."

Well now those kind people at 31DOVER.com have sent me a bottle so that I can actually take the time to sip, play with, experiment, lust after and secretly whisper sweet nothings to it when I'm fairly confident there's no one else in the room. And I can finally properly describe just how utterly sweetly delicious this new product is and why it deserves a place in your home bar. Or your bedside table. Or in your arms, never letting go.

Here's why you need it in your life.

1. The most important thing is the taste

Bittersweetness seems often associated with Seville oranges, but I have to admit, my palate isn't so sophisticated that I can detect that here. Instead, all I get is sunshine-drenched fruitiness with a tangy zestiness attached. It's a bright flavour, not liqueur-syrupy; and it's still a recognisably delicious gin at heart, only with citrus-forward notes that gives it undeniable hints of the Mediterranean.

It is, in essence, a perfect balance of flavour and gin, and the flavour is divine.

2. Sevilla G&Ts might just well be the drink of the summer

So, given the flavour, obviously the first thing you must do when you get your hands on this is try it in a Gin And Tonic (garnished above with an orange peel and mint for extra sunny disposition).

Those that stick to a traditional G&T, will find a new dimension of refreshment that completely transforms the classic into a genuinely exciting update.

3. This is a hot new release that's already popping up everywhere

Since its launch in Spain and the UK at the start of April (still THIS MONTH at the time of writing), I am seeing this bottle pop up all over the place. Not only are high-profile bars talking up this new gin, but I even saw it in the line-up of my local (admittedly gin-friendly) pub last week.

I know it's Tanqueray, so I would expect a wide release, but the uptake and confidence in this new product is remarkable. With good reason.

4. Did I mention it's TANQUERAY?

This isn't a gimmick release or a way to cut through a congested gin market. This is one of the best gin brands out there putting their weight behind an authentic new variation, and - true fact - Tanqueray are incapable of doing anything wrong.

The recipe for this product is actually based on - as is usually the way with Tanqueray - an original recipe from Charles Tanqueray himself. So this is very much a product created with careful consideration and perfected and refined to an impeccable quality.

5. You can settle a very important Negroni debate for me

Here's where things get tricky for me. As much as I love a Negroni, I tend to be cautious when using sweet vermouth in anything because I can find the sweetness can quickly become overpowering when not used sparingly.

Using this new Flor De Sevilla Gin as the base for a Negroni - I would argue - already lends the drink a certain sweetness, and adding sweet vermouth to that overdoes it for me. And I know full well that I am surely in the minority here. I have seen both friends and bars serves a typical Negroni with his new Gin and claim to love it.

But for me, I swapped out the sweet for a dry vermouth, and changed the bitter ingredient to the relatively new Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, which is more lightly bitter and quite floral in taste.

In my version, I feel I can taste both the Sevilla Gin and the Italicus much more clearly to enjoy their flavours, while others may find it too dry for a Negroni. If it can even be called a Negroni. Or even a variation on a White Negroni.

I don't know. Try it for yourselves and let me know what you think. Disclaimer: You may have to install a way to leave comments on this site first.

6. It's impossible not to be transported to a Mediterranean getaway with every glance at the bottle

Just look at that sexy, sun-tinged, orange-lit liquid, with luxury greenery and fruits on the label. This is a summer buffet of a bottle that will entice you to enjoy it's exquisitely sumptuous delights on particularly hot days, and mock you in the throes of winter as you huddle around a dying boiler dreaming of warmer climes.

7. Just imagine the conversational value it brings

Worry that you don't know enough about juniper to hold up a conversation about it with your fellow ginthusiast? This bottle is automatically the talking point of any gin collection, and suggests to anyone paying attention that you must really enjoy only the finer things in life if you are in possession of this new release. Just try not to store it next to the supermarket own-brand one.

8. The cocktail possibilities are through the roof

It's all well and good talking about extra dimensions in G&Ts and debating the nature of a Negroni, but for all gin-based cocktails the possibilities are enhanced endlessly with this new flavour. It provides a safe and simple key to unlocking countless variations of the classics, or can simply inspire brand new drinks.

For the one above, I muddled a sprig of rosemary, added 2oz of the Flor De Sevilla with 3/4oz each of lemon juice and honey syrup, as well as a dash of orange bitters (because of course). Shaken with ice, and then shaken again without ice with egg white to get that foam, and this produced a beautiful, refreshing drink with a hint of herbal complexity. And yet, that drink would be infinitely more bland if it were made with just an ordinary gin.

9. It's just nice to treat yourself

Go on. Pay day has just been. Or it's coming up. And when was the last time you just spoiled yourself with an exciting new gin to enjoy? You deserve it. It's been a tough week what with that email at work that you accidentally sent to the wrong person, and the neighbours mistakenly stealing your recycling bin. You need this.
Oh hey, look - I've done the hard part for you and saved you a Google search! You can find out how much Tanqueray’s new Flor De Seville Gin is and purchase it directly from 31DOVER.com here.

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