10 flavoured gins you need in your life

The very term ‘flavoured gin’ feels redundant, doesn’t it? By its nature, gin has an extremely broad range as a spirit, usually distilled at some point in its production with a whole host of different botanicals to create an array of uniquely complex tastes and aromas. So a ‘flavoured gin’? That’s a bit like saying ‘hot fire’, or ‘posh Royal’, or ‘harrowing episode of The Walking Dead’.

Still, for those that favour flavour and like to enjoy a distinct zing to their gin, there are some wonderful ready-made tastebud-testers available to buy straight off the shelf (or the online cart). To prove it, here are 10 of the best ready-to-buy gin infusions. Or ginfusions, if you will. And I will.

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin (Edinburgh)

A zesty tang combines with an earthy flavour, making this a versatile gin that works for every season and scenario. The website suggests using this to make a Rhubarb and Apple Flip, mixing two shots of this with a shot of apple juice, a dash of bitters and egg white.

Saffron Gin (Boudier)

Fragrant, spicy and colourful, this bottle is one of the most impressive you can add to your booze cabinet. As well as the saffron, this gin contains coriander, fennel, lemon, orange peel, angelica seeds, iris and, of course, juniper, making for a fairly comprehensive tasting game for guests. Remember though: it's only fun if they are willing participants.

Cucumber Gin (Gordons)

Cool, clear and crisper than the crunch of a crinkle-cut cracker, this gin has powerful vegetable notes, as you might expect, but balances it out with a welcome sweetness to give extra pep to your G&T.

Wild Berry Gin (Greenalls)

"The inspiration for Greenall's Wild Berry," say the makers of this fine, fruity gin, "comes from blackberries growing in English hedgerows". It's a pretty romantic and calming image, which will be nice to picture while you're vigorously shaking this with all manner of exciting mixers to create some tasty cocktails.

Earl Grey and Lemon Gin (Heston)

TV chef Heston Blumenthal can usually be seen trying to cook something like a solar-powered shepherd’s pie using the sheer power of science, so it's no surprise that his foray into the world of gin is rather novel and, dare I say it, a tad gimmicky. And so it has proved divisive among gin tasters, but with strong notes on the nose and interesting, instantly-familiar flavours on the tastebuds, this is one that needs to be tried, if not quite believed.

Spiced Clementine Gin (M&S)

A seasonal purchase for sure, but one that is so delicious, it undoubtedly won't last for long anyway. For sheer festive flavour, this gin is the best kind of Christmas spirit you can hope for this year.

Seaweed Gin (Da Mhile)

It might not be an obvious choice for palatable flavours, but Da Mhile has created this specialist gin “designed to complement seafood”. The seaweed is handpicked from the Celtic coast and offers a subtle hint of maritime essence, highlighted by its cool light green colour.

Lemon Drizzle Gin (Sipsmith)

A gin that tastes like cake? Rejoice! For truly we have reached a new peak in civilisation, ushering in a Utopian renaissance for the modern age… Well, actually no. There’s barely a hint of cake, but it is very lemony and deliciously refreshing and Sipsmith deserve praise for even daring to attempt such a perfect idea.

Seville Orange Gin (William Chase)

Taking a cue from its hugely popular Chase Marmalade Vodka, William Chase created similar flavourings for this gin, with added overtones of elderflower. The website recommends using this to create an Orange Blossom Fizz: 20ml Seville Orange Gin, 5ml rose water, 10ml honey shaken and topped with fizz.

Cardamom Gin (Sacred)

For those that like their gins spicy and aromatic, this is a uniquely Eastern flavoured spirit made with “organic green cardamom pods from Guatemala”. In a nice twist to the usual G&T, Sacred recommends trying this in a tall glass with tonic water and then garnishing with a slice of ruby red grapefruit.

FYI, this article was first published on TippleBox.com, and I yoinked it back again for this site.

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